Loucha ……. A life style

Loucha, a 25-year old beautiful blue eyed young lady, lived in a small village in Sicily called Gela in 1574, opposed the will of her family and traditions and drank a prohibited beverage called Coffee. The young lady got to know this beverage when a relative from Malta visited them and introduced her to this magical generic drink, which was at that time spreading in the East after discovering it in Ethiopia during the medieval ages. Her family opposed the drink considering it a black wine that prevented the rest of mind. But Loucha kept roasting the beans, grinding them, and enjoying the hot nice smelled “black wine” cup in secret.

In 1936, Maria Ricca, a young girl from Sicily, did not like the coffee that her French mother was roasting and preparing at home.  Inspired by the story of Loucha, she secretly started roasting her own coffee at home, to obtain the real Italian espresso coffee for her and her Italian father.  As time went by, she decided to sell her home roasted coffee beans to her neighbors.  Her coffee was so popular, that she decided to start her own little business, selling her “Loucha” coffee to neighboring villages who simply loved the taste.  Soon after that, “Loucha” became so popular in the main land and southern area of Italy.  Today, “Loucha” is a synonym for excellent coffee, that is spreading to all corners of the world.

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